Targeted social engineering testing provides you with a benchmark of your security practices and helps you discover if your critical assets are at risk. You will find out if staff can detect a malicious phone call and test their level of awareness of more sophisticated email attacks. This provides real value to your organisation in determining how well your customer data and IP are protected whilst also identifying underlying causes of vulnerabilities.

We help you uncover weaknesses and fix them in a cost-efficient way helping you strengthen your security posture and culture.

Phishing is the practice of sending malicious emails that masquerade as coming from a legitimate or trustworthy source. These emails usually contain malicious links or attachments that attempt to compromise your company’s security.

SPEAR PHISHING attacks are highly targeted phishing emails where the attacker has invested considerable time in researching your company, departments or specific members of staff. They are very difficult to spot and are highly convincing.

Spear Phishing helps you asses your defences to targeted email attacks. It also aides in raising awareness of this threat and enhancing the confidence of your staff to spot and stop these attack attempts.

Working closely with your security and HR teams we help you develop a robust and realistic phishing program that increases the level of difficulty with each campaign. We compare the results of each campaign to the desired behavioural metrics for your organisation.

We are trusted by FTSE 100 companies, H.E organisations, the health service and financial services industry to provide accurate and useful advice and guidance on social engineering threats.


  1. Meeting to agree scope
  2. Spear Phishing campaign run
  3. Results analysed
  4. Report and recommendations
  5. Debrief and next campaign goals set
  6. Repeat