Social Engineering Is the No. 1 Cybersecurity Risk

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Why Social Engineering Training?

Cyberattacks cost businesses $4.5 million per incident. With the number of cyberattacks growing every year, it’s essential to protect your business.

That starts by training your staff to defend against social engineering attacks. Designed to obtain sensitive information like usernames, passwords, customer information and more, social engineering attacks are the number one method hackers and thieves use to access your company’s most sensitive data.

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What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering involves psychological manipulation to trick people into sharing confidential information, such as usernames, passwords, and more.


Malicious emails made to look like a normal email, trying to capture user information.


A phone call designed to gather information used in a separate attack.


A physical attack seeking to gain access to a business and its data.

What You’ll Get with Our GCHQ Certified Training

With our training, your employees will learn:

What social engineering is and its impact on businesses.

How to recognize potential attacks.

How to handle attacks.

Points at which they might be vulnerable.

Strategies for reducing risk and increasing protection.

And more!

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Student Feedback

“The experience highlighted how easy and vulnerable we all our in a tech world, this course has really opened my eyes and tightened my security. Excellent thank you”.

“Really well structured and knowledgeable course, a must for all in today’s world”

“Had no idea until I did this course how easy and risky technology can make us feel. I would recommend it to all”

“As a result of this excellent course, I have now looked at all of my privacy controls, thank you”

“Excellent course and great scenarios”

“Rarely is there a course at work that is both informative and enjoyable, but also it was such an eye opener, really good thank you”.

“Thank you, really beneficial and it flew by with fun and packed with useful information and advice”.