Insider threat: former SEC investigator charged

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The SEC investigator was charged with several crimes including unauthorized computer access and disclosure of confidential information. The defendant, Mr. Cohn, was the MD and Chief Compliance Officer at GBP Capital Holdings. Cohn allegedly accessed compromising information about an investigation into GBP whilst he was an investigator at the SEC.

Mr. Cohn was in discussions with GBP when he then divulged inside information from his current employer to senior management at GBP. Both Mr. Cohn and GBP face a wave of litigation coming their way. Mr. Cohn pleads his innocence but may face up to 25 years in prison.

For most intentional insider threats where they deliberately appropriate information to sell or pass on to a future employer they are contemplating leaving. The danger period for a leaving employee is month before and after they hand in their notice. The latter is easier to manage but the former is extremely difficult to handle because they haven’t yet told you they wish to leave.

The key ways to defend against Intentional Insider threats (IITs) are developing a robust insider threat programme that focuses on deterrence as well as detection, as well as effective staff training on the dangers and responsibilities of insider threats.

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