Leak of the week: 711m email addresses

A French malware researcher has found an online database of 711 million email addresses, in some cases with the associated passwords for that account. The list was apparently for email spamming and is potentially the largest of its kind. Actions: You can check whether your email address is in this (or earlier) data leaks on at https://haveibeenpwned.com. […]

Cyber Security in South Korea Part 2 : Trust, Cyber-Security and Wannacry

In my first article on South Korea I looked at some unique solutions to protecting citizens and businesses from the cyber threat. In this second article on South Korea I look more closely at how corporate culture relates to cyber-crime risk in South Korea, both in the context of Social Engineering attacks like phishing and how it […]

South Korea 1: An Ultra-Connected Nation On The Alert

In the first of two blog articles on cyber security and tech in South Korea, I am looking at the pervasive use of technology in the country and how it is used differently to the UK. South Korea has had a turbulent history. Many argue this turbulence still has not ended thanks to their somewhat unpredictable […]