Lisa Forte Interview with Digit Magazine

Lisa Forte, partner and cyber threat specialist at Red Goat Cyber, shares her insights about the ‘insider threat’ and how to protect against it.  How has the insider threat evolved in recent years? Firstly, we now live in a heavily digitalised society. Previously, insiders may have had to sneak into an office, photocopy a document and […]

Amazon Ring Insider Threat

What happened? Ring, the Amazon owned home-security company, has admitted firing four employees who accessed users’ videos. The employees had access to the video feeds but exceeded their authorised access by viewing them. This has undoubtedly caused embarrassment for Ring. Ring has come under fire for its security policies recently. The recent insider incident came […]

The Facebook Insider

Friday the 13th is a day that has been long associated with bad omens. This became a reality for almost 30,000 Facebook staff though on Friday 13th December. Almost 30,000 employee payroll records were stolen. The theft left information security professionals scratching their heads because it was a rather unusual set of circumstances that unfolded. […]

Trend Micro Insider Breach

The Tokyo based cyber security company Trend Micro has revealed it has been the victim of a sophisticated insider threat attack. Customer records were accessed and exfiltrated by an employee then used by attackers in a vishing attack on Trend Micro customers. According to ZDNet: “Trend Micro has revealed a “security incident” leading to the […]

Insider threat: former SEC investigator charged

The SEC investigator was charged with several crimes including unauthorized computer access and disclosure of confidential information. The defendant, Mr. Cohn, was the MD and Chief Compliance Officer at GBP Capital Holdings. Cohn allegedly accessed compromising information about an investigation into GBP whilst he was an investigator at the SEC. Mr. Cohn was in discussions […]

How voice assistants can be used to phish passwords

We have seen a wealth of articles on the security and privacy issues around voice assistants. This week I came across and new and far more concerning article on this by Ars Technica: “Amazon- and Google-approved apps turned both voice-controlled devices into “smart spies”. “By now, the privacy threats posed by Amazon Alexa and Google […]

Red Goat Insider Threat Report 2019

Insider Threat Report 2019 finally released! Red Goat Cyber Security are proud to announce the results of their research into insider threat reporting. The research examines reporting observed in intentional insider threat cases and the factors that may influence the decision to report suspicious activity. The research highlights a chronic under reporting in companies and […]

3 Steps To Make Cyber Security Awareness Month A Success In Your Company

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month! A lot of our clients are busy preparing events and internal campaigns to increase awareness of cyber related issues in October. However with limited time and too many options, it can seem like too much to fit in to your schedule. Here are 3 steps you can take to […]

Red Goat finalists for Computer Security Awards 2019

Red Goat Cyber Security has been recognised as a finalist in the 2019 Computing Security Awards. Partner and Co-founder, Lisa Forte, has been selected as a finalist for the “Contribution to Cyber Security” Award too. Red Goat, one of the leading experts in social engineering and insider threat, has been named a finalist in the […]