Lisa Forte, partner and cyber threat specialist at Red Goat Cyber, shares her insights about the ‘insider threat’ and how to protect against it. 

How has the insider threat evolved in recent years?

Firstly, we now live in a heavily digitalised society. Previously, insiders may have had to sneak into an office, photocopy a document and try and discretely carry it out of the building. Now everything is digital and can be copied in a few seconds.

Secondly, our online lives afford people the opportunity to access and communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. This means that stolen data is easier to sell and forums allow people to discuss how to go about carrying out theft or fraud without being caught.

Competition is fierce in many industries and people move jobs more often than they did in previous generations. This inevitably means we see an increase in data and reports being taken when people leave.

Lisa Forte will be speaking at DIGIT’s 6th annual  Scot-Secure Summit on 19th – 20th of February 2020, at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.

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