What are the biggest barriers to stopping an intentional Insider?

The 2019 Insider Threat Report

High impact, interactive face to face training to raise awareness of insider threat risks to your organisation. Employees are often cited as being the biggest security weakness in your organisation, we help you turn them into your greatest defence. Our insider threat training program has been developed from ground-breaking research into the psychology and motivations of insiders. We use real cases to illustrate the key principles.

“Insider threat programs are built to defend against Manning and Snowden, but we need to protect against the next threat, the one that hasn’t happened yet..” – USA DoD

The insider threat is a widespread and rapidly growing issue. Studies have shown that shareholders and the public attribute more blame on the organisation when a breach is caused by an insider as opposed to an “outsider”. This training program furnishes your staff with the confidence to challenge and stop insider threats within your organisation before it gets to the breach stage.

Course Contents

  • Types of insider threats
  • Identifying concerning behaviours and what they could mean
  • Threats from contractors and suppliers
  • Factors that increase the risk of insiders
  • Policies and the individual responsibility to report
  • How to report and what information to include
  • The benefits of reporting
  • Why certain job roles make you a target

Course objectives

  • List the different types of insider threat and their motivations;
  • Explain the connection between certain behaviours and security;
  • Explain the model of intervention and how you can ensure people report suspicious activity;
  • List the technological, social and economic trends that lead to an increase in insider threats;
  • Explain the importance of reporting and what should be included in a report;
  • Identify the “high risk” roles within a company and the risks posed by contractors, partners and suppliers; and
  • Explain key defensive measures to implement as part of an insider threat program.

Why us?


We are industry leading, subject matter experts in social engineering and insider threats advising companies around the world.


All our trainers are highly qualified as teachers and cyber security experts.


We provide high quality training that is fun & interactive and managed from start to finish.


We conduct ground-breaking research into social engineering and insider threats to drive industry understanding forward.

What are the biggest barriers to stopping an intentional Insider?

The 2019 Insider Threat Report