Insider Threat

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Insider Threat $800K Rogue Admin

Rogue Admin: Disgruntled former IT admin Charles E. Taylor quit his job at an unnamed Atlanta based distribution company before going on a sabotage spree costing the company $800,000 USD to redress.

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Amazon Ring Insider Threat

Ring, the Amazon owned home-security company, has admitted firing four employees who accessed users’ videos. The employees had access to the video feeds but exceeded their authorised access by viewing them. This has undoubtedly caused embarrassment for Ring.

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The Facebook Insider

Friday the 13th  is a day that has been long associated with bad omens. This became a reality for almost 30,000 Facebook staff though on […]

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Trend Micro Insider Breach

The Tokyo based cyber security company Trend Micro has revealed it has been the victim of a sophisticated insider threat attack. Customer records were accessed […]

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