Hacked! Right Match Singles Suffers a Data Breach..

Cyber Security Awareness Month Special: “Hacked”

What would you do if your company was hit by a cyber attack? Do you have a plan? A crisis management team in place? Many companies don’t have a plan or haven’t tested that plan.  For Cyber Security Awareness Month 2020 we have put together a special episode of Rebooting where Lisa Forte plays “Alicia Strong”, the CEO of a poorly organised dating company that has just been the victim of a cyber attack. Lisa calls in three experts from different sectors who ask the important questions and give expert advice on what do in the event of an attack.  They give important advice from their three perspectives.

Our team of experts are:

Sarah Armstrong-Smith: Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft 

Kevin Millwood: Cyber Risk Manager, Hargreaves Lansdown

Charlie Wedin: Partner, Lawyer, Osborne Clarke

Watch as Alicia has to make some critical decisions, and mistakes.

How will Alicia handle internal and external communications? Will she be transparent? Can the situation be salvaged? Join us on this journey of disastrous data breaches, communications issues and ransom demands.

We hope you enjoy this comical look at a serious issue.

For information on running cyber wargames in your organisation see our crisis exercise page, resources on cyber crisis exercises or get in touch


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