October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Engage and inform staff in European Cyber Security Awareness Month 2022


Cybersecurity month is a great opportunity to spread awareness of good cybersecurity practices and energise the positive culture you have been working hard to develop in your organisation.
This year’s campaign focuses on two hugely important themes: Phishing and Ransomware.

  • European Cybersecurity Month is celebrating its 10th anniversary! So we’ve got a great new lineup of talks, workshops and courses to ensure it is the best yet!

  • We have developed a range of awareness raising activities that will provide an engaging, fun and though provoking way to share good cyber practices with your organisation. We have live virtual, face to face and on demand options to allow you the most flexibility possible. We can deliver these in any time zone so your entire organisation can join in!

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We have taken the format of our hugely popular awareness workshops and created two new ones specially for Cyber Awareness Month! Our workshops are a fun way for your employees to learn cyber hygiene best practice whilst working in teams immersed in the scenario we create.

Ransomware Awareness Workshop

In this workshop your employees in teams will become the ransomware gang.

They will be tasked with managing their organized crime gang, avoiding attracting the attention of law enforcement, deciding which victims to target and how to make the most money.

This fun perspective on ransomware awareness will give them a deep understanding of the threat of ransomware and the challenge it poses. They will understand the social engineering tactics used, the importance of employees reporting security mistakes immediately and the need for personal cyber hygiene measures to be improved. This workshop is a fun way of learning, building teamwork and coming away with vital security lessons.

Insider Threat Awareness Workshop

In this workshop your employees will work in teams through case studies of the three intentional insider threat attacks (fraud, theft and sabotage). Each case study is specific to your industry.

They will be tasked with managing the insider threat program. They must decide what happened from the evidence they have, why it happened and crucially what could be implemented to prevent this in the future. We capture all the ideas your employees generate and this can be used to develop your insider threat program. This workshop approaches the issue of insider threat from a holistic, supportive and employee-led perspective.

We find this workshop is extremely well received and employees will get a deep appreciation for the complexities and severity of insider threat incidents. It is a great way to start to build a collaborative, employee led program in the future.

Talks and Webinars

Fun, story driven talks to engage your entire organisation

Lisa Forte is an internationally recognised speaker and delivers engaging talks that audiences always enjoy. We have designed the following lineup that can be delivered live virtually, face to face or pre recorded for your convenience. We can deliver these to suit any time zone so everyone can be involved. We are able to tailor all the talks or include talks that aren’t on the list upon request.

“Fake it till you make it”? The dangers of fake companies

Could someone create a fake law firm online?

One that looked credible and authoritative? Could they con people into settling legal claims that never existed? Could they do this all from one simple phishing email?

The answer to all of these is yes.

In this webinar Lisa Forte will show you how this ended up happening and you will see firsthand how easy it is, how manipulative it can be and most importantly how you can safeguard yourself, your family and your employer from the danger posed by criminals setting up fake but plausible companies and websites.

Hacking your social media and the scams that follow

Do you know of anyone who has had their social media accounts “hacked”?

Yeah, me too.

Several of my family had this happen to them recently actually. When it happened I looked into how it occurred and some of the alarming consequences that resulted.

In this webinar I will tell you their story. You will understand how these attacks happen, why they work so well and the huge dangers you face trying to get your account back.

This is one you don’t want to miss!

Making mistakes and reporting

Have you ever made a mistake?

Ever sent an email to the wrong person or clicked on a link you wished you hadn’t?

I have! Many times.

In this webinar you will learn what to do if you make a mistake, how the action you take can make or break your employer and how to respond in your company.

We all make mistakes but what we do afterwards defines us.

Uncovered: Inside a huge ransomware criminal gang

Employee of the month schemes, issues with pay, moaning about your line manager not letting you take holiday – sound familiar? Sounds like any company I’ve worked in but it isn’t.

For the first time we have leaked documents and chats from inside a ransomware organised crime gang. In this webinar we will look at how ransomware groups operate, how they pick targets and look at the sometimes-comical conversations that they have that seem to mirror any company!

This is a rare chance to dive into the dark world of organised crime and see just how it works.

Follow the money they said. It will be easy they said.

Have you heard the term “follow the money”?

Well it may not be as easy as you think for ransom payments.

In this webinar we will look at how cyber criminals launder money, why it is so often not traceable and why so many companies now pay the ransom.

This is a key webinar for everyone but especially senior members of staff and those on the crisis management teams.


In addition to Workshops and webinars we offer online and virtual training on key cyber security tropics

Social Engineering Awareness Course

Social engineering has proved to be one of the most prolific & effective means of attacking organisations of all sizes.

Phishing attacks alone are responsible for over 80% of security incidents and 94% of Malware is delivered by email.

Your staff need to be able to identify & defend against attempted social engineering attacks.

This 2 hour online course equips your team with the skills to identify & combat social engineering attacks including spear-phishing, vishing and physical impersonation.

We follow nationally set standards and best practice to ensure you get the best awareness training possible.

What they say about our Trainer!

“Lisa ran a highly entertaining workshop for staff at UCAS as part of our cyber threat awareness event. The event was over-subscribed and received great feedback from our staff, who found it both fun and seriously thought-provoking. Lisa was a very engaging presenter and facilitator, and we will certainly be calling on her talents in the future to help us maintain awareness of the threat from cyber criminals.”

“Red Goat Cyber Security have created excellent, informative and interactive Social Engineering Awareness training which is suitable for all levels of staff. Lisa manages to get everyone excited about Information Security with her authentic and engaging presentation style. We are proud to call Red Goat Cyber Security one of our key security training providers”

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you achieve your security awareness or resilience goals.

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