Cyber Security Webinar Series 2021

Keep remote staff informed and engaged in cyber defences

We believe the best way to convey the severity of cyber security risks is through recounting real cases of attacks, insider threats and social engineering. Our executive briefings focus on industry specific cases helping organisations learn lessons from previous attacks.

Lisa Forte is an award-winning public speaker. Lisa speaks around the world at conferences and internal events bringing her passion and energy for the subject to a range of industries.

Lisa regularly appears on BBC radio, BBC news and other industry leading publications.

Executive Briefings

Cyber Security Webinar Topics

  • Social Engineering
  • Insider Threats
  • Cyber crisis  preparedness and corporate resilience
  • Dark Web
  • Cyber threat landscape
  • Step into the shoes of a hacker

Real cases of social engineering: hackers, insiders and competitors

Lisa used to work for one the Police Cyber Crime Units in the U.K.

She will talk you through some of the most surprising cases she worked on and how a simple fix such as calling someone back could have saved the company hundreds of thousand of dollars.

Learn how social engineering works and more importantly how to protect yourself, your family and your employer from this popular attack technique. Lisa uses humour and expert storytelling to bring this fascinating subject to life.

Stepping into the shoes of the hackers

We put you into the shoes of the hackers in this fun but informative webinar.

See how they find a target, research key staff and launch convincing spear phishing attacks. By standing in the shoes of the attackers you will be able to appreciate how much information is leaked online and how easily it can be used for nefarious purposes.

Gathering this information, known as Open Source Intelligence, is an essential task for social engineering attacks. You will learn how to repeat the process on yourself to find out just how much information is really online about you. You will never look at those friend requests in the same way again.

Social Engineering: how loose lips can literally and metaphorically sink ships

Lisa is an expert social engineer. She was part of an exercise to test security onboard cargo ships.

Learn how easy it was to get onboard, change the ship’s systems and crash it into a rock using nothing more than a USB stick a clever outfit and some key phrases.

This isn’t just a risk to ships though. In this webinar Lisa will discuss how dangerous social engineering attacks can be for any company, how easy it can be to get you talking about things you shouldn’t and some easy defences that will make you much more secure.

Silence & Security

Lisa is an expert social engineer. She has specialised in her career in law enforcement and intelligence in using simple techniques to get people talking.

Lisa explains why talking to unknown people can get you in a world of trouble in seconds and how attackers rely on this to get information on you and your employer.

You will learn how intelligence officers, cyber attackers and police officers are able to build rapport and get anyone talking in minutes.

You will learn how to use rapport building in a non-malicious way to further your career and more importantly how to protect yourself from malicious actors trying to exploit you.

Insider Threats: Looking after number 1?

Insider threats are employees who deliberately do something to compromise the security of the company or take reports with them when they move jobs.

Lisa will discuss some horrifying cases she worked on that involved insider threats before explaining some ground-breaking research she led into the issue.

What should you watch out for? Why is it so important to report suspicious behaviour? All this and more will be covered in a captivating way.

Adventures on the Dark Web: Protecting yourself from the dark heart of the internet

Ever wondered what goes on in the Dark Web? On this webinar Lisa takes you on a journey into the dark heart of the internet.
How much is your passport worth? Ever fancied a human leather bag? Want to buy someone’s hacked PayPal account? The Dark Web has it all.

In this entertaining but shocking webinar Lisa explains what is for sale, why it is a huge international issue and how you can protect yourself and your data from the criminal masterminds wanting to make money from it.

How to stay calm in a cyber crisis.

A masterclass in cyber crisis management. At Red Goat we are experts at running and advising crisis management teams on how to rehearse for and manage a cyber attack.

In this webinar we will discuss the essential ingredients to handling a cyber attack or data breach based on experience and case studies.

Some companies have been praised for their responses whilst others have endured horrendous public criticism.

There are some simple ingredients that will help ensure you are ready for a cyber attack and can respond quickly and decisively.

This webinar is primarily for HR, IT, Security, Legal and Management.

Developing an insider threat programme that maintains a friendly culture

This webinar will provide a useful template for your HR and IT teams to work collaboratively to create an effective but culturally friendly insider threat programme.

Having conducted ground-breaking research into insider threats we help your teams design a programme that will protect your staff, data and reputation against this concerning and increasing threat.

We walk you through the science, the essential elements of a programme and how to collaboratively manage that programme.


This webinar is primarily for HR, IT, Security, Legal and Management.

What they say about our webinar host!

“Lisa was one of the most popular and engaging speakers at TEISS 2019. Lacing humour and intrigue with her real case studies of social engineering, she certainly knows how to capture a room. We highly recommend her!” – TEISS

“Lisa ran a highly entertaining workshop for staff at UCAS as part of our cyber threat awareness event. The event was over-subscribed and received great feedback from our staff, who found it both fun and seriously thought-provoking. Lisa was a very engaging presenter and facilitator, and we will certainly be calling on her talents in the future to help us maintain awareness of the threat from cyber criminals.” – UCAS

“Lisa has an incredible way of delivering her message in an engaging, thought provoking, intelligent and informative way. One that has the audience hooked and waiting for more. At every event Lisa has been involved in with me the audience can’t get enough – the queues of delegates trying to speak to her at the end of the session speaks volumes!” – Digital Ship Conferences

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