Wargaming, Cyber Attacks and Astronaut thinking

CEO Digital Show

This week Lisa was on the CEO Digital show discussing Wargaming, Cyberattacks, Protecting Against Romance Fraud, & ‘Astronaut Thinking’ in Leadership.

Key points (according to the podcast)

  • We heard about Lisa’s experience coming into a male-dominated industry, and what it took to excel within that environment
  • Why there’s no sacred line that cybercriminals won’t cross, and how the healthcare sector has been targeted in the past year,
  • Lisa discussed the dangers of social engineering, including a worrying case of romance fraud
  • The value space exploration and adventurous activities like mountaineering can bring to businesses and leadership approaches
  • How Lisa co-founded Cyber Volunteers 19, a 3,000-strong force of volunteers dedicated to helping enhance the cybersecurity of hospitals around Europe during the pandemic.

More information on the episode here: https://ceo.digital/podcasts/the-ceo-digital-show/lisa-forte-wargaming-cyberattacks-podcast?

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