Interview with DIGIT

Here’s a link to an interview with DIGIT who organise the excellent Scot-Secure event in Edinburgh (among many other things). It focuses on social engineering in the context of social media reconnaissance, manipulation and how to minimise your attack surface when using social media. Check it out here

Criminal Justice Evolution podcast

Patrick Fitzgibbons was kind enough to invite me on to his US based Criminal Justice Evolution podcast.  We talked about the social engineering threats facing businesses worldwide, how cyber-crime is evolving and the difficulty law enforcement faces when tracking down cyber criminals.  There are also some excellent tips on how to protect yourself from this […]

The not-so-secret life of boarding passes

  Have you ever thought about what your boarding pass might say about you? I don’t mean “oh look at me, I’m flying in Emirates Business Class”, but what data you might be leaking publicly on that anachronistic piece of paper you discard in the seat in front of you. Turns out it is an […]

Podcast with Jenny Radcliffe -The Human Factor

I recently recorded a podcast with social engineer Jenny Radcliffe as part of her long-running Human Factor Podcast series. We had a broad-ranging discussion from pentesting to social engineering as well as tips for getting onto the speaking circuit. Here’s the link to the podcast: Jenny has interviewed many interesting people over the years, […]

Permissions Creep

Internal threats can be a huge threat.  One things that often ends up happening is something known as permissions creep.  Here’s how it works:Let’s imagine you have been hired by a company to maintain one of their buildings, building A.  So on your first day they give you the keys to building A.  You work […]

What the prisoner’s dilemma can teach us about cyber intelligence sharing.

Cybercrime is increasing year on year. The 2017 cyber breaches survey shows that almost half of UK firms have been hit by cyber breach or attack in the past year. Yet for private companies there appears to be a severe reluctance to share cyber intelligence and vulnerabilities on platforms such as CiSP (Cyber Security Information Sharing […]

Equifax puts in strong bid for most catastrophic data leak in history.

In the latest in a truly blockbuster year for data leaks, American credit reporting company Equifax has announced the loss of highly sensitive data belonging to 143 million Americans. Nearly half the population of the US are thought to be effected. There have been much bigger breaches, but not with this quantity of sensitive information. […]

Leak of the week: 711m email addresses

A French malware researcher has found an online database of 711 million email addresses, in some cases with the associated passwords for that account. The list was apparently for email spamming and is potentially the largest of its kind. Actions: You can check whether your email address is in this (or earlier) data leaks on at […]