What online radicalisation can teach you about security

There has been a lot of media coverage here in the UK about a young woman who previously left the UK as a teenager to go to Syria and join Islamic State. She has recently expressed her desire to return to the UK, causing widespread disagreement as to whether she and her new-born child should […]

Paris riots and corporate security

I was recently hired to speak at an event in Paris. I love the city however this particular visit was during an unfortunate time. Paris is suffering from some of the worst and most violent rioting in many years.  As a social engineer I am interested in human behaviour and one particular area of interest […]

The Hustlers of Naples

Social engineering is a fascinating and diverse attack vector because it exploits human nature and people are generally predictable in their responses. We focus on malicious social engineering, especially when it facilitates cyber attacks upon organisations. However social engineering and its precursor, the good old ‘con’, is alive and kicking out there on the street […]

Simone – A social media investigation

Speaking around the world about social engineering one question comes up almost every time. Why is social engineering so successful? A key success factor in a targeted attack is good research, knowing the target and how to manipulate them. I have been gathering and analysing intelligence on people, places and companies for many years now. […]

Reconnaissance for Social Engineering: Tales from the Road

When it comes to reconnaissance and open source intelligence, research often seems like a digital battle. Using endless pieces of software, sites and APIs, we use technology to fight for the data we want. It is easy to forget how much valuable information is out there in the real world, being given away unwittingly, if […]

Permissions Creep

Internal threats can be a huge threat.  One things that often ends up happening is something known as permissions creep.  Here’s how it works:Let’s imagine you have been hired by a company to maintain one of their buildings, building A.  So on your first day they give you the keys to building A.  You work […]