Key risk indicators in cyber security

Understanding key risk indicators (KRIs) in cybersecurity In the constantly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, key risk indicators (KRIs) play a crucial role in measuring and […]

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How to get exec approval for a cyber exercise

Testing your response to a cyber-attack will save you resources in the event of a real incident, but for many organisations taking the first step in exercising can seem like a big commitment in time and energy. Here are some top tips on getting exec approval for a cyber exercise.

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Get started with crisis communication planning

Cyber-attacks are no longer outlier events. In fact, the old saying of “it’s not if – but when” has sadly proven true for many organisations. For this reason many organisations are now heavily focused on planning and preparing for a cyber-attack and increasing their levels of resilience, response and redundancy to enable them to survive.

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7-examples-of-Cyber tabletop-exercises

7 Examples of Cyber Tabletop Exercises

Would you know how to respond if your organisation was hit by a cyber attack? Running a cyber tabletop exercise allows you to prepare and test responses in a safe environment. But what type of cyber incident should you use in your exercise? Here are seven examples of cyber tabletop exercises that you could consider running for your crisis team.

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