Bespoke Cyber Security Training

Effective, customised and engaging training content that meets the unique needs of your organisation

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We work with you to create effective, bespoke cyber security training that is designed to meet your organisation’s unique priorities, risks and concerns.

Why Bespoke Cyber Security Training?

Not every company’s cyber security training needs are the same.  Different teams have different risks, concerns and priorities. Sometimes standard off-the-shelf training isnt the best way to reinforce the security messages within your organisation.

Our bespoke training courses are designed to deliver your learner outcomes in the most fun and engaging way.


Industry Focus

Increase awareness of cyber risks and regulations of your sector.

We have extensive experience of creating custom content for a range of industries including law, financial services, CNI and higher education.

Company Focus

Change behaviour by focusing on specific policies and practices that exist within your company.

Why have training that stops at “you should report a phishing email” when you can have a clear explanation of the process and tools in YOUR organisation.

Team Focus

Make training meet the specific needs of your team.

Customised focused training teaches employees what they need to know quickly and then allows them to get back to working on the projects they care about.



Get to know the organisation to build a captivating learning journey to achieve your goals.


Developed tailored training to address specific risks and roles at your organisation.


We deliver interactive training sessions follow up with summary .pfds for attendees to refresh later.


Feedback student interactions and comments, identify gaps in learning and discuss results.


Prioritise what they need to know

Allows you to prioritise the areas that need focus within your industry and organisation.

Save time

Customised focused training teaches employees what they need to know quickly and then allows them to get back to working on the projects they care about.

Additional training for high-risk roles

Bespoke training provides extra targeted learning on top of a base-line of cyber awareness for high-risk employees.

Higher levels of engagement

Relevant, focused training keeps student interest and increases the probability of behaviour change.

Red Goat has a track-record in delivering effective bespoke training.

We have delivered bespoke training packages to a wide range of organisations and industries.

Some have wanted one-off webinars to help launch a new security feature or program within the organisation. Others wanted 5 lessons that focused on key areas of weakness identified in an audit and everything in-between.

What people are saying

” Red Goat Cyber Security continue to be an essential business partner to help us deliver engaging, insightful and professional experiences for our people and executive teams to teach them how to defend against cyber-attacks. Lisa, in particular brings such an energy and experience on cyber crisis and insider threats that really engages with the audience.”

star star star star star

” We are delighted with the support Red Goat have provided to our charity programme, creating sector-specific content for a programme of 23 charities. Red Goat created on demand training, webinars and one-to-one mentoring to enable organisations to develop governance and a risk management strategies. Their content and training approach as ever was clear, concise and accessible. “

star star star star star

” Red Goat has provided tailored presentations for several of our departments, they were engaging and full of information on how Cyber Criminals can use their tactics to gain access to our organisations finances/data. The feedback received from the attendees has been very positive and we will be using Red Goat to provide more sessions in the future.”

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Training can be delivered Live in person or virtual via our LMS or loaded onto your in-house LMS with SCORM compatible modules.

There is no minimum, though we find for good discussion and debate 6 attendees is a good minimum.

We typically run live online training sessions of 1hr including questions. Live in-person sessions are typically 1 hour or a half day for more hands-on workshops.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you achieve your security awareness goals.

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