About Red Goat Cyber Security

We care about cyber resilience and defence

Since 2017 we have aimed to arm our clients with the knowledge, confidence and tools to defend against cyber threats and build resilience in case they manifest. We offer a full suite of cyber security training and consultancy services to help protect your organisation, reduce risk and increase organisational resilience.

Cyber threats plague organisations across all sectors and the need to protect against the risks associated with them has never been higher. This starts with humans, plans and processes.

Welcome to Red Goat Cyber Security

We are an expert team of trainers and cyber security experts committed to helping organisations defend against cyber threats. Founded in Bristol, UK and serving clients throughout the global market, Red Goat Cyber Security provides high-quality face-to-face training, consultancy and cyber crisis exercising that goes above and beyond the basic service. Our team work collaboratively with you to deliver the best solutions to your problems.

Named one of the best cybersecurity training providers in the UK in 2019, Red Goat Cyber Security takes pride in empowering our clients to protect themselves and build a culture of cyber health in their organisation.

A Holistic Approach to Cyber Security

In a digital global economy, every employee is responsible for the cyber security of their organisation – and this is why Red Goat Cyber Security is committed to empowering all employees with the knowledge, know-how, and expertise to ward off potential threats and maintain the digital integrity of the business.

We train employees to identify and block social engineering attacks, what insider threats are and the importance of reporting security incidents. We offer bespoke training to ensure your employees get the best learning experience possible.


Why ‘Red Goat’?

A study, published by the Royal Society, showed that goats can recognise their fellow herd members by both sight and, more impressively, by the sound of their voice.

Up until the late 60s it was thought that only humans displayed cross-modal recognition. Cross-modal recognition is the ability to recall how others look, sound and smell. We now know that several “intelligent” animals can do this – including goats.


The experiment:

The researchers recorded the voices of goats that lived together and random unrelated goats. They placed the “known” goat and the random goat in far left and far right corners of the enclosure. They then took a goat participant and played the recording of the known goat and then the random goat. They noted the test goat’s response and how long it took for the goat to make a decision. They discovered that almost as soon as the recording was played the goat would look at whichever goat that recording was attributed to. This not only showed that goats can recognise “intruders” into their herds or goats that aren’t their friends (cross-modal recognition) but also that they are capable of using “inferential reasoning”- in other words they can use a process of elimination to get to the correct answer. Perhaps when the goats listened to a recording that they knew wasn’t one of their friends they inferred that it must therefore be the other random goat.

At Red Goat Cyber Security we focus on training and testing your staff to quickly spot potential intruders into your company. We train them to spot malicious calls (Vishing), emails (Phishing), text messages (Smishing) and physical intruders (impersonation). The study came out not long before we founded the company and we realised that goats were able to spot intruders into their herds and we want your staff to be confident and capable enough to do the same!