About Us

Who is Red Goat Cyber Security?

Red Goat Cyber Security was founded by Lisa Forte in 2017. Lisa began her cyber career in one of the UK Police Cyber-Crime Units which dealt with serious cyber-crime cases, working closely with agencies such as the FBI. Victim companies ranged from small to multi-national organisations and almost all the cases involved social engineering. Lisa left in 2017 to start her own company, Red Goat Cyber Security LLP, with the goal of reflecting the techniques and methodologies actually being employed by hackers. They provide GCHQ certified social engineering training, as well as social engineering penetration tests and cyber attack war-gaming to help organisations prepare for an attack.

Prior to working in the cyber crime unit Lisa worked in anti-piracy intelligence before moving into counter-terrorism intelligence for a UK Government agency. She researched the process of online radicalisation by terrorist groups and the risky social engineering process undertaken by terrorist recruiters.

Lisa is an experienced cyber-crime keynote speaker having spoken at major conferences around the world. Click here to see where she is speaking next. For more information on Lisa’s presentation topics or to book her for your next event, contact us for a brochure.