About Us

What We Stand For


Our aim is always to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our high-quality services impress companies from a cross section of sectors. We are constantly on a mission to improve and push the boundaries of excellence.


One of our aims is to give your organization and staff the confidence to tackle cybercrime by yourself. We provide you the tools and knowledge to build your confidence.


Our customers can trust us to keep their secrets secret! We place a strong focus on honesty and transparency with our clients and we are an independent company.

What Makes Us Different


We are one of the leading experts in social engineering, insider threats and wargaming. There are many other elements to cyber security but by restricting our focus to these areas we can ensure we provide you with the very best knowledge and expertise possible.


We work with many FTSE 100 companies, especially in the financial services sector. We also work advising higher education establishments, maritime and aviation companies, the space sector and the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.


We are constantly conducting research and developing community knowledge into our areas of specialism. We are often cited in national and international newspapers and appear regularly on radio shows and podcasts.

Why ‘Red Goat’?

A study, published by the Royal Society, showed that goats can recognise their fellow herd members by both sight and, more impressively, by the sound of their voice.

Up until the late 60s it was thought that only humans displayed cross-modal recognition. Cross-modal recognition is the ability to recall how others look, sound and smell. We now know several “intelligent” animals can do this and know we know goats can too.


The experiment:
The researchers recorded the voices of goats that lived together and random unrelated goats. They placed the “known” goat and the random goat in far left and far right corners of the enclosure. They then took a goat participant and played the recording of the known goat and then the random goat. They noted the test goat’s response and how long it took for the goat to make a decision. They discovered that almost as soon as the recording was played the goat would look at whichever goat that recording was attributed to. This not only showed that goats can recognise “intruders” into their herds or goats that aren’t their friends (cross-modal recognition) but also that they are capable of using “inferential reasoning”- in other words they can use a process of elimination to get to the correct answer. Perhaps when the goats listened to a recording that they knew wasn’t one of their friends they inferred that it must therefore be the other random goat.

At Red Goat Cyber Security we focus on training and testing your staff to quickly spot potential intruders into your company. We train them to spot malicious calls (Vishing), emails (Phishing), text messages (Smishing) and physical intruders (impersonation). The study came out not long before we founded the company and we realised that goats were able to spot intruders into their herds and we want your staff to be confident and capable enough to do the same!