Red Goat Cyber Security was founded to provide effective cyber security solutions based on the founder’s experience working in one of the UK police Cyber Crime Units. Whilst working there certain attack methodologies were seen over and over again. Our services reflect the tactics that attackers are actually using to ensure you are more secure and more aware of today’s cyber threat.

Enhanced Vulnerability Assessment

Do you know which of your company’s systems are most vulnerable to a cyber-attack?
Get actionable intelligence on what vulnerabilities your systems and websites have.
Our certified and experienced cyber security professionals use a combination of industry standard vulnerability and penetration testing tools and expert knowledge to provide you with a broad baseline assessment of your current vulnerabilities. Our wide-ranging security review gives you actionable and comprehensible advice on how to protect your company from the financial and data loss that a cyber attack could cause.

Social Engineering Training

Social Engineering, is one of the most prolific and efficient means of gaining access to a company's network. It involves the use of deception to manipulate individuals to break normal security procedures. It is ranked as one of the top cyber threats to companies in 2018 along with ransomware and insider threats.

So how do I defend against it?

The most effective defence against social engineering attacks is practical, face-to-face staff training.  Our course is delivered by qualified trainers with a wealth of expertise in social engineering tactics and how attackers are actually employing these tactics.  The aim of the course is produce actual culture change within your organisation to reduce your vulnerability to data and financial loss through social engineering attacks.

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