Using knowledge & experience gained from working in U.K Counter Terrorism Intelligence & U.K Police Cyber Crime Units, Red Goat was founded to accurately mimic malicious tactics and leverage this knowledge to help organisations improve their defences against the current attack landscape.

Defend against the use of deception to manipulate individuals to break normal security procedures.

Social Engineering is one of the most prolific and efficient means of gaining access to a company's network.

So how do I defend against it?

The most effective defence against social engineering attacks is practical, face-to-face staff training.  Our GCHQ certified course is delivered by qualified trainers with a wealth of expertise in social engineering tactics and how attackers are actually employing these tactics.  The aim of the course is produce actual culture change within your organisation to reduce your vulnerability to data and financial loss through social engineering attacks.

How would your company stand up to a social engineering attack?

A social engineering penetration test is multi-stage evaluation of your company’s human resilience to a cyber attack. With social engineering, especially phishing, being the biggest attack vector currently being seen in cyber security, companies are waking up to the realisation that staff are the front line in their defences against attack, and updating staff training is as important as updating firewalls and anti-virus.
Using the same tools as an attacker, we probe your organisation's human firewall, that is your staff & contractors, to find out where your vulnerabilities lie.