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Train your staff to recognise and defend your organisation against cyber threats.

Protect Your Company From Cyber Threats

GCHQ Certified Social Engineering Awareness Course

Social engineering has proved to be one of the most prolific & effective means of attacking organisations of all sizes.

It is an attack vector that is growing rapidly. Your staff need to be able to identify & defend against attempted attacks.

Cyber Crisis Exercise

An immersive and evolving table top exercise to test your strategic and tactical response to an incident.

It helps prepare you for an attack and allows you to test how key staff make and communicate vital decisions in a developing situation.

Insider Threat Training

High impact, interactive face to face training to raise awareness of insider threat risks to your organisation.

Employees are often cited as being the biggest security weakness in your organisation, we help you turn them into your greatest defence. 

Cyber attacks can be a massive upheaval for businesses…

Cyber-crime is constantly on the rise, with virtually all UK businesses exposed to cybersecurity risks. Last year, 46% of UK businesses have suffered a cyber-attack of some sort, and without comprehensive IT security, many of these businesses have suffered as a result – either through decreased customer trust or the actual theft of money and personal information.

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Businesses We’ve Helped

Bristol Airport

“Red Goat were very helpful and provided an excellent training course that was really engaging and helpful to a wide range of our staff”.


“I was hugely impressed by the Social Engineering Awareness Course run by Red Goat Cyber Security. It is one of the first courses I’ve encountered where those who attended it have continued to talk about it long afterwards; a sure sign that the key messages imparted by the trainer have stuck. “

John Stanley MBCI, Risk & Resilience Manager
Salisbury National Health Service Trust

“I was delighted with how Red Goat Cyber Security delivered the cyber security table top exercise.  We have learnt valuable lessons to further improve our plans, processes and check lists and would highly recommend them to other organisations”

Bath hospital

“Excellent course and great scenarios. We would recommend this course to anyone, really informative and relaxed. Rarely is there a course that is both informative and enjoyable. Really good.”

Futures Housing Group

“Red Goat were really helpful in tailoring a course to our needs. The trainer was really engaging.”

Our Blog

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Why Run a cyber Crisis Exercise

Why run a cyber crisis exercise?

Why run a cyber crisis exercise? Regulators around the world now have an expectation that organisations will test cyber resilience through exercising. Organisations such as NIST and the CPNI recommend regular exercises to prepare for a cyber attack and it has become...

Insider Threats: £4.6m in self-signed invoices

Of the three categories of insider threat; theft, fraud and sabotage, fraud is often the most complex,  inventive and difficult to detect. This case however, has a certain simplicity to it. The case concerns a Mr Kabbaj who worked for an “unnamed global internet...
Scot-Secure 2020


LISA FORTE INTERVIEW WITH DIGIT MAGAZINE Lisa Forte, partner and cyber threat specialist at Red Goat Cyber, shares her insights about the ‘insider threat’ and how to protect against it.  How has the insider threat evolved in recent years? Firstly, we now live in a...

Amazon Ring Insider Threat

What happened? Ring, the Amazon owned home-security company, has admitted firing four employees who accessed users’ videos. The employees had access to the video feeds but exceeded their authorised access by viewing them. This has undoubtedly caused embarrassment for...

The Facebook Insider

Friday the 13th  is a day that has been long associated with bad omens. This became a reality for almost 30,000 Facebook staff though on Friday the 13th of  December. Almost 30,000 employee payroll records were stolen. The theft left information security professionals...

Trend Micro Insider Breach

The Tokyo based cyber security company Trend Micro has revealed it has been the victim of a sophisticated insider threat attack. Customer records were accessed and exfiltrated by an employee then used by attackers in a vishing attack on Trend Micro customers....

Insider threat: former SEC investigator charged

The SEC investigator was charged with several crimes including unauthorized computer access and disclosure of confidential information. The defendant, Mr. Cohn, was the MD and Chief Compliance Officer at GBP Capital Holdings. Cohn allegedly accessed compromising...

How voice assistants can be used to phish passwords

We have seen a wealth of articles on the security and privacy issues around voice assistants. This week I came across and new and far more concerning article on this by Ars Technica: “Amazon- and Google-approved apps turned both voice-controlled devices into "smart...

BBC Tech Tent: Insider Threat Reporting

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