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Train your staff to recognise and defend your organisation against cyber threats.

Protect Your Company From Cyber Threats

Online Social Engineering Training

Social engineering has proved to be one of the most prolific & effective means of attacking organisations of all sizes. Your staff need to be able to identify & defend against attempted attacks. This 2 hour online course equips your staff with the skills to identify & combat social engineering attacks including spear-phishing, vishing and physical impersonation attacks. 

Cyber Crisis Exercise

An immersive and evolving cyber exercise to test your strategic and tactical response to an incident.

Prepare yourself for an attack and test how key staff make and communicate vital decisions in a developing situation.

Cyber Exercise

NCSC Certified Social Engineering Awareness Course

Social engineering has proved to be one of the most prolific & effective means of attacking organisations of all sizes. This certified cyber security training course trains your staff to identify & defend against attempted attacks.

Insider Threat Training

High impact, interactive cyber security training to raise awareness of insider threat risks to your organisation.

Employees are often cited as being the biggest security weakness in your organisation, we help you turn them into your greatest defence.

Cyber attacks can be a massive upheaval for businesses…

Cyber-crime is constantly on the rise, with virtually all UK businesses exposed to cybersecurity risks. Last year, 46% of UK businesses have suffered a cyber-attack of some sort, and without comprehensive IT security, many of these businesses have suffered as a result – either through decreased customer trust or the actual theft of money and personal information.

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Businesses We’ve Helped

Futures Housing Group

“Red Goat were really helpful in tailoring a course to our needs. The trainer was really engaging.”

Futures Housing group
Bristol Airport

“Red Goat were very helpful and provided an excellent training course that was really engaging and helpful to a wide range of our staff”.


“I was hugely impressed by the Social Engineering Awareness Course run by Red Goat Cyber Security. It is one of the first courses I’ve encountered where those who attended it have continued to talk about it long afterwards; a sure sign that the key messages imparted by the trainer have stuck. “

John Stanley MBCI, Risk & Resilience Manager
Salisbury National Health Service Trust

“I was delighted with how Red Goat Cyber Security delivered the cyber security table top exercise.  We have learnt valuable lessons to further improve our plans, processes and check lists and would highly recommend them to other organisations”

Bath hospital

“Excellent course and great scenarios. We would recommend this course to anyone, really informative and relaxed. Rarely is there a course that is both informative and enjoyable. Really good.”

Our Blog

How to defend against a vishing attack

What is Vishing?

Vishing (voice phishing) is a type of phone fraud which use social engineering to extract information or credentials from a victim.  Attackers often use a pretext to misrepresent their authority or position in order to trick the victim into compliance.  Attackers...
Behaviour change whiteboard

Behaviour Change in your Organisation (short video)

Getting your staff to change their security behaviour It is often submitted that fear is bad. Actually, from a behavioural science perspective we know fear is the most effective tool for stimulating behavioural change. Fear of crime is necessary but not sufficient to...
Resilience Special screencapture

Hacked! Right Match Singles Suffers a Data Breach..

Cyber Security Awareness Month Special: "Hacked" What would you do if your company was hit by a cyber attack? Do you have a plan? A crisis management team in place? Many companies don't have a plan or haven't tested that plan.  For Cyber Security Awareness Month 2020...
ECSA think before you click

Get staff engaged for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is ECSM, a month-long European event promoting good cyber security practices and safety. This years themes are: Digital skills:  personal data protection, cyber bullying and cyber stalking establishing good practices online.  Cyber scams: cyber threats such as...

CV19 and Kaspersky Next

 Hospitals and the wider healthcare ecosystem are being urged to improve their cybersecurity infrastructures, following a year in which they’ve needed the protection of volunteers to save systems, money and even lives across Europe. At the Kaspersky NEXT event, which...
Pre-election manipulation screenshot

pre-election tricks goes deeper than social media.

How pre-election manipulation goes deeper than social media. A critical moment is almost upon us. It will be a test of the protections we’ve tried to implement to protect our democratic freedoms. 2020 will once again see the spotlight hit the US elections, the latest...

Insider Threat $800K Rogue Admin

What happened? Disgruntled former IT admin Charles E. Taylor quit his job at an unnamed Atlanta based distribution company before going on a sabotage spree costing the company $800,000 USD to redress. Taylors "multi-stage sabotage campaign" involved logging in and...

Lisa Forte on Smashing Security Podcast

178: Office pranks, meat dresses, and robocop dogs  May 14th, 2020  |   50 mins 42 secs  coronavirus, data breach, email storm, hacking, k2, lady gaga, microsoft, mountaineering, nuclear waste, onkalo, reply all, social distancing, sourdough Graham shares stories of...

Permissions Creep

What is Permissions Creep? Permissions Creep, also known as privilege creep, is what happens when we move between roles in an organisation and keep the access or permissions of the previous role.   Privilege Creep example: Let’s imagine you have been hired by a...

Should Your Company Ban Zoom?

As several businesses ditch the popular conferencing tool, Lisa Forte, partner at Red Goat Cyber Security, calls for calm  Zoom, the free to use video conferencing app, has exploded in the last month. It quickly became a household name and more than doubled its share...